Tuesday, July 29, 2014

san fran

Last week we decided to visit our friends TJ and Kat in San Francisco. TJ is doing an internship down there, so we figured it was the perfect time to go! They were nice enough to let us stay at their place for the weekend. We took the BART from the airport and met Kat. We dragged our luggage up a HUGE (I'm not kidding) hill to their apartment. The views were beautiful. We met TJ for lunch at Petite Deli. It was DELICIOUS! This adorable asian lady made our sandwiches. You could tell she made them with love. I got their Turkey Delight and thought it was the best thing ever.
Later that day, we walked around Union Square and went to the Exploratorium. It was so much fun! We ate dinner at King of Thai. We had never eaten Thai food, so it was pretty exciting. We both got the Yellow Curry and really liked it!

Our second day in the city, we all had to work. We took a little break and went to lunch at Golden Boy Pizza. Their pizza was really good! We tried the pepperoni, pesto/vegetarian, and combination. It was delish! We headed back to the apartment and worked for a few more hours and then got ready and went to Coit Tower. There were beautiful views of the city. After Coit tower, we headed to dinner. We ate at Franchino's. This was probably my favorite meal of the trip! We shared the bruschetta, Jordan got the Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken, and I got the Capellini Mare e Monti with Aurora sauce. SO GOOD! Later, we went to the Giant's game.

Day three was probably my favorite day. We rented bikes and rode them across the bridge to Sausalido. Once we got there, we went to Fred's for brunch. The food was SO good! I'm not sure if it was because we were starving, or it actually was good- probably both! I ordered their Deep Fried French Toast with a side of Millionaire's Bacon (healthy I know) and Jordan ordered their Avocado Omelet. We were in heaven! After eating brunch, we headed to Muir Woods. That place was magical! Seriously! So beautiful and so relaxing. I wish the pictures did it justice. We walked around the woods for awhile and took the ferry back to the city. Later, we ate dinner at a delicious burger joint called Moe's Grill. Once again, the food was awesome! By the end of the day we were exhausted! The girls went to sleep while the boys stayed up making this super cool video of our day (see below).

Our last day started out a little....weird! Kat & TJ were at church and we were packing up when the fire alarm went off. It wasn't very loud, so I ignored it for awhile. Finally Jordan told me we should probably go outside. I grabbed my purse and he grabbed our iPad's (duh) and we ran out the door. The whole apartment complex was out there waiting for the firemen to arrive. They went inside and after about 15 minutes they didn't find any sign of the fire. They thought someone had pulled the alarm as a joke and told us we were good to go back inside.
After the fire fiasco, we all went to Pier 39. We watched the Sea Lions for probably a good half hour. (We get really entertained watching animals) We walked around the Pier and Fisherman's Warf. We decided it would be good to grab an early dinner before our flight. We ate at (another) italian restaurant called Calzone's Pizza Cucina. We shared a Lasagna-style Calzone and the Sausage Trio Pizza (we loved both). After dinner, it was time to head to the airport.

 We were really sad to go home but had an amazing trip! We were so glad we were able to spend it with our friends TJ & Kat!

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